Chartwerk – flexible JavaScript charting

Lightweight library based on reusable components for Vue.js, React and Grafana.


Chartwerk is self-sufficient and highly integrated. Functionality might be extended by third-party clients. The integration of Grafana occurs through the use of a plugin.

Deep customization

Deep customization via simple options-structure. Can be done using Javascript or CSS.

Reusable components

With our reusable components, you can integrate our graphics into any platform.


The main focus is on a flexible approach to customer needs and the ability to deliver first-class services at affordable prices.

colorFormatter: (values, idx) => datapoints1[idx][2] === 0 ? 'blue' ‘green’,

clickCallback: (metricData, pointData) => { console.log('click', metricData, pointData) }


Our team achieved the highest performance due to low-level rendering using D3.js.
100 000
ms rendering
ms interaction

Highly integrated

Functionality might be extended by third-party clients. The integration of Grafana occurs through the use of a plugin.

Charting Library

Take advantage of our open source library and use visualizations in your projects. Write to us to make a grafana plugin or a business-specific dashboard.

Grafana Plugin

Development and support of applications for Grafana: custom datasources, plugins and visualizations.

Chartwerk panel

Renders metrics using Chartwerk libraries. At the moment it's basically a better version of default Gauge panel, you can ask as to make customization and we are working on new charts like Graph and Bars.
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Custom Charts

Deeply customizable and easy to use open source library. Build any desired charts upon Сhartwerk core. Or save time and let us build them for you.
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Complex Applications

Сomplete dashboard with charts from Chartwerk and attach there everything a castomer needs.
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Integration of Chartwerk into your environment. Support of your features and building custom private charts.
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