Chartwerk – flexible JavaScript charting

Development and support of customers' applications: plugins and visualizations.
Visual data evolution
Present meaningful data
Share insights with others in an easy-to-understand form. For example, AI can assist in dashboard creation or surface a visualization recommendation to tell your story best.
Democratize your data
Provide one source of truth for your entire organization while leveraging security and governance features to help reduce human error when uploading and manually cleaning your data.
Make better decisions
With integrated AI capabilities, understand your next steps and spend less time performing data analysis through augmented decision making.
Important data for everyone.
The advantage of data visualization is its simple form of presentation. Instead of large tables and many pages of text, a single graphic image is sufficient.
Looking Forward
With built-in artificial intelligence capabilities, you can understand future developments faster and spend less time analyzing data.
Use data visualization for yourself
At this point, our product is capable of solving your data visualization problems.
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Started as Grafana visualization panel, Chartwerk is an attempt to make Grafana-like experience in your platform.
Easy to create responsive and interactive charts.
Deep customization via simple options-structure.
Styling can be done via JavaScript or CSS.

Visualization library

With reusable components, you can integrate our graphics into any platform. Based on our library you can create any custom graphics and features.

Our services

We have years of experience in developing and supporting customers' applications: custom datasources and visualizations.
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Set up enterprise analytics portals in your brand. Extensibe & customizable development platform to suit your business needs.


Our team achieved the highest performance due to low-level rendering using only D3.js. Process is re-made out from scratch.


The main focus is on a flexible approach to customer needs and the ability to deliver first-class services at affordable prices.

Highly integrated

Chartwerk is self-sufficient and highly integrated. Functionality might be extended by third-party clients. The integration of Grafana occurs through the use of a plugin.

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