Custom datasources, plugins and visualizations

During the years of collaboration with Grafana Labs we have developed many different toolkits, plugins and integrated many popular databases into Grafana and have success stories of applied solutions.

Use cases

Database visualization

Visualization of already integrated databases. Plugin development.


Unified observability

Chartwerk enables you to query and correlate metrics, logs, and traces that are collected and stored in different tools and then view and analyze them in a single visualization or dashboard. This makes it easier to monitor your applications and troubleshoot operational issues. You can query, correlate, and build a single dashboard with container metrics from Charwerk Service for Prometheus, logs and traces from Chartwerk Service.

Container monitoring

Using Chartwerk, you can query, correlate, and visualize container metrics. Simply use Chartwerk plugins for Grafana to connect to container metrics data sources such as open source Prometheus, as well as other self-managed and third-party ISV data sources.

IoT monitoring

Grafana’s extensible data plugin architecture and flexible graphing options make it popular for monitoring IoT and edge device data, such as earthquake sensor battery levels, manufacturing robot metrics, or energy utility status checks. Chartwerk Grafana natively integrates and helps data sources for IoT data visualization.

Plugins for Grafana

Here are some of the plugins we made. Email us if you need special functionality.

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